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Welcome to StickyMon Comixxx!

Welcome to my new site StickyMon Comixxx! This will be the future home to all my new finished illustrations, comics, and other projects. I will still have a presence on places like HentaiFoundry and Twitter but will be the definitive place for all my updates.

Websites like Tumblr or Twitter can be unstable as far as nsfw art goes so I decided to go ahead and make my own website. This will also take over as the home of my previous StickyMon Comixxx webcomic site, any new comics that happen will be posted here. All characters featured on this site are 18 or older and no content here is suitable for children. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Thanks for stopping by the new digs and please enjoy your stay!

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1 Comment

Why the "All characters 18+" disclaimer when it's your site? You control it so you don't need to censor anything.

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