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The Cummoning 3

The night was a blur of warm flesh & spilled fluids as the two were entangled in a chaotic sweaty mess. Zoe barely managed to choke down the hellhound's organ, struggling to breathe as its shaft swelled inside her throat. Vorgoxis did not hold back thrusting against her head repeatedly as Zoe did her best to keep up, swallowing and lapping up every foul liquid that leaked from his tip. Not long after that Zoe felt her vest ripped away and her top torn to tatters within the beast's teeth. It's long prehensile tongue stretched out and slathered across her breasts, squeezing and licking hungrily while Zoe's sensitive skin trembled to the touch.

Zoe could do nothing but knit her brows and fight back the moans that desperately tried to escape her lips. The pleasure was so strong her legs began to wobble until they buckled, sending her falling over and grabbing onto her dresser for purchase. Zoe clutched onto the dresser with weak knees and deep panting breaths. The vigor of this creature was incredible, potentially more than she could handle. Her head rested momentarily on the dresser top as she caught her breath, she could feel the undeniable wetness between her legs. Having neglected wearing panties her juices soaked deep into the crotch of her leggings. Catching the unmistakable scent, Vorgoxis snapped his teeth around the back of her leggings and shredded them open, exposing her lower body.

Following through on his animal instincts, Vorgoxis immediately mounted the defenseless witch. Zoe yelped as the force of the hellhound's phallus shoved deep inside her sending a jolt up her spine. Like the ravenous demon it always was, Vorgoxis pounded Zoe's backside repeatedly, pinning her against the dresser in a mating press. Zoe rocked back and forth wildly, gasping and moaning as she felt the creature's mass stretch her insides and bulge out from her lower belly. She felt the warm rod inside her heat up, not to a painful degree, but enough to radiate throughout her entire body. She drooled in desperate agony, her fingers gripping tight against the dresser's edge, her toes curling against the hardwood floor. It all eventually became too much for her.

Zoe felt her cheeks & lips stretch as the demon dog pushed his girthy length further inside her. Her jaw dropped as she felt his thick bulbous knot spread her open and slide inside her, plugging her up. Vorgoxis' legs locked in place as he arched his back and erupted inside the pinned witch. A rush of thick warm liquid flooded inside Zoe's hole. Zoe cried out as her eyes shut tight and her legs kicked out helplessly. The glow of the monster's seed lit her up from the inside, and she cried out in a blissful moan as she felt it fill her up. The sensation overwhelmed her, causing her whole body to tremble and climax as demonic nut leaked out of her. As Vorgoxis' erupting gradually ceased, his phallus pulled out of her leaking lips with a wet pop. Zoe slid off of the dresser and collapsed onto the floor, her butt sticking up in the air as seed still dripped from her vulva.

"Wow... that was intense..." Zoe panted aloud, trying to remain conscious.

"You are a fine stock, Zoe Weaver the Witch. I have confidence you will survive the next bouts." Vorgoxis' voice rang deep in Zoe's head. Her eyes perked open.


"Yes. The dark pact transaction is a prolonged ritual that continues until sunrise. The longer it goes, the stronger our bond will be. So, are you ready to continue?" Vorgoxis stared at her with vacant unempathetic eyes. Zoe just sighed and rolled her eyes in response.

"Fuck it. Let's go."


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1 Comment

Nov 07, 2023

I hope we get to see zoe again because that was epic and sexy to see/read the story.

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