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The Cummoning 2

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

As the behemoth leered over her, Zoe could do nothing but stare into it's bright glowing pupils hanging in the dark chasm of its empty eye sockets. The being stared into her soul, she was frozen in place, unable to form a cohesive thought or word from her lips.

"I am Vorgoxis the Violator. Tell me, mortal, why have you summoned me?" Deep booming words spoke so loud they almost rattled the room, but only in Zoe's head.

"What the fuck? Er-uh, I am Zoe Weaver... the witch. And I have called upon you to be my familiar." Zoe stuttered out a tempered response, shifting in place trying to project confidence.

"A witch? Ah. You wish to form a demonic bond and gain magical power? Do you agree to the dark pact to accept me as your familiar?" The hellhound's skull regarded the timid witch intensely.

"YES! Fuck yeah! Sign me up!" Zoe burst with excitement, exclaiming acceptance as a rumble sounded from between the demon's legs.

"Then let the transaction begin..." Vorgoxis declared as the rumble erupted from his nether region in the form of a massive erect phallus. It stood stiff, glowing and radiating with warmth, dripping with bright fluid. Zoe's eyes widened as she began to stutter on her words again.

"Wait? WHAT!?!" She exclaimed in confusion.

"The dark pact requires a transaction of flesh and seed. You pay the price of flesh, I pay the price of seed, bonding our bodies and powers. You have agreed, and your word is binding. You are already on your knees, that makes my job easier..."

Zoe's eyes widened even further with panic and worry as they darted down to look at the massive throbbing demon organ moved towards her face. All she could do was chuckle with a little nervous smirk as Vorgoxis' vibrant leaking tip pressed against her lips and forced her mouth wide open. Once again Zoe neglected to read the fine print, and now she'd bit off way more than she could chew. But this mouthful was going to be a lot harder to swallow...

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