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The Cummoning 1

Zoe found a book of the dark arts and had been reading it's texts for weeks. Ever the curious mind she studied the book's lessons on summonings and demons. Being a novice witch herself, Zoe was eager to find any path to greater enhance her witching ability. And what better way than to start by summoning a familiar.

Zoe looked through the pages, trying to decipher the confusing texts about demonic entities being summoned and tethered to this world. It was hard to parse but she got the gist of it. How complicated could it be to bring a demon to this plane and bind it into a familiar to do her bidding, she thought. She had no idea what she would be calling, but to her it didn't really matter that much. Whatever it was would surely be a powerful servant for her greater desires and ambitions.

With full confidence in her heart she spoke the accursed words on the page and imbued them with her natural magical energy. Suddenly within a bright FLASH, the book did it's job. Standing before her was a massive skull headed hound with a main and tail of flames, a HELLHOUND to be exact. It's heat and light radiated in the room, but at the same time she felt no pain from it's warmth. Energy pulsed inside it's flesh, and it's hefty genitals hung openly between it's legs. Zoe sat in silent awe at this creature that towered over her, as it tilted it's head down and stared right back...

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