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Tales from Monstrocity!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I'm rebranding the Esther & DD page & content as "Tales From Monstrocity", no that's not a typo it's a bad pun. It always felt weird sandwiching my many different horror themed ideas under the Esther & DD name, especially since Esther & DD specifically haven't received much attention in a while. So now they're encompassed in Monstrocity, the corner of the stickyverse where all the creepy ghoulies come out to play, along with Nessa Solomon & Mike Wolf in their title "Slay", Adam Kane in his "Adam's Eve" series, and more fan art of Agent Dierdre and the world of UNF (created by the absurdly talented Wintergate). Is this something I should've unveiled back in Halloween? Probably, shut up.

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1 Comment

Carlos Cuenca
Carlos Cuenca
Dec 24, 2020

ayyyy love the new name man, also love how both Esther and DD is now connected with Dee and nessa! can't wait to see more in the future my man!!

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