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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Introducing Indighost! Indigo Madera was a high school dropout who turned to a life of petty crime & scams on the streets. After getting caught in a strange experimental machine she developed the abilities to turn invisible and intangible, thus dawning the nickname Indighost. But she can only activate each ability one at a time, and it doesn't always cooperate the way she'd like it to. So on occasion she'll find herself decloaking when she's trying to stay hidden or solid again as she's walking through a wall, leaving her temporarily stuck & vulnerable.

Visually Inspired by characters like Raven from Teen Titans and Sombra from Overwatch, Indighost is a misunderstood loner type girl who starts off on the wrong side of the tracks but eventually decides to fight for good, joining the likes of Attack-Girl & Kid Cricket. She's just going to need a lot of training before she's actually ready. For more info on her and other characters head over to the Attack-Girl characters page!

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