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Introducing Bengal! Rebecca Rhinestone in her daily life is a socialite apart of the wealthy elite of Umbra City. But unbeknownst to anyone else she moonlights as her predatory alter ego, Bengal! Gaining enhanced strength from the illegal drug "Max" she hits the streets to chase thrills by fighting and stealing. Sometimes she can be swayed to do those things in the name of justice but only if she gets something out of it for herself in the process.

Obviously influenced by the character Black Cat she has the most interaction with the hero influenced by Spider-Man, Kid Cricket. Though their relationship is a lot more toxic. As a side-effect of prolonged Max usage she tends to develop a feral lust for domination and torture, which Kid Cricket can find himself the victim of. With any luck during these "heated" moments she can be distracted by whatever street thugs are standing in her way.

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