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Introducing Zoe Weaver! An alt pansexual she/they witch currently flunking math. She's friends with Nessa, and when she's neglecting her school studies she's messing with the dark arts to various degrees of success and failure. Zoe's very inexperienced with the whole witch stuff and her curiosity leads her to get in over her head a lot more than she would like. But sometimes the best way to learn is the hard way, and Zoe's determined to learn. (as long as it's cool witch stuff)

Everyone should know by now how much I like alt/goth/punk chicks in chokers. The natural progression of that was to create a witch with a penchant for summoning horny demons. She hangs out with all the other characters in the Tales from Monstrocity side of things which just keeps getting spookier & hornier by the day!

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